The Best Way To Make Mushroom Tea: A Complete Guide 

By Eve Simmons •  Updated: 02/28/21 •  13 min read

A sight of a mug of hot tea is always a welcome gateway to your happiness. The blissful and deep flavours of a hot beverage help you feel better in no time.

Mushroom tea is one such beverage that has the power to make you feel that way.

Tea is an elegant way to add fuel in your life using mushrooms. The tea enthusiasts all over the world, including the Greek, Romans, Japanese, and Chinese, found many reasons to enjoy the cool effects of mushroom tea.

Several special herbal mushroom blends found in traditional medicine are recognised as “the elixir of life.”

Beauty lies in the art of making tea. Find out the best way to make mushroom tea with this in-depth guide.

Raw Mushroom Tea

With this method, you’ll make a tea using raw mushroom truffles. The result offers the finest tea, allowing you to enjoy a rich trip of the senses. It is very easy to make and can be called as an effective one in terms of its impact and flavor.

The Best Way To Make Mushroom Tea

You also have the choice to tailor-make your tea by adding any other ingredients you want to enjoy some elevated flavor and enjoy good benefits. For example, using ashwagandha can help you elevate your experience.

Let’s check the steps involved:

This way, you end up getting the best mushroom tea.

Powdered Mushroom Tea

One of the best ways of making amazing tea is by using raw shrooms to get a fresh brew of mushroom tea. For this recipe, you can even use ground mushrooms for some great tea.

One of the effective tips for making this tea is to use dry powder, which can be prepared at home without any hassle. You can use it to add an edge to its taste by using it with mushroom tea powder.

You can even add ginger powder, along with mushroom powder, with any herbal mixture of your choice, and then allow the tea to brew as per your taste. However, do keep in mind to dry the mushrooms completely before you prepare the said powder. This will help in boosting up the shelf life of the tea.

Simple Shroom Tea

The following are the steps to make a simple shroom tea. Let’s check out the recipe.

If you want to address nausea, strain out mushroom bits with the help of strainer and then consume the tea.

In the end, you can make your magic mushrooms in a tea that can help in changing the experience and then make the consumption a little simpler on your taste buds along with the digestive system.

But at the same time, you need to be prepared to come out on a faster and stronger way rather than eating raw mushrooms. Lastly, do not forget that for the safest psilocybin mushroom journeys, do keep in mind to use the practices in considerations as per the guide.

Magic Mushroom Tea

With the popularity of magic mushroom consumption, we can also see magic mushroom tea becoming a common quest among people. There are several experts who vouch for this tea, as it can help in giving many benefits, including busting the stress and giving the relaxing effects.

Thanks to the deep zest and rich aroma, it makes a blessing with a perfect aroma for people who love to drink tea. Today one can find several fanatics consuming tea, which has made it a trend. Now, let’s check the way one can make the magic mushroom tea in the following paragraphs:

First things first, let’s check the ingredients. You need the following to make a magic mushroom tea:

In order to make the magic tea, you can try the following steps:

Now, with these steps, you end up making your magic tea. Time to start serving and enjoying it!

Chaga Mushroom Tea

The next popular mushroom tea to try is the Chaga Mushroom tea. These types of mushrooms are more useful for medicinal purposes as they are rich in antioxidants beta-glucans. Their extracts are considered promising for treating several types of cancers.

One such way to reap the medicinal benefits is to consume the Chaga Mushroom Tea. This type of tea is often consumed unsweetened, and you can even consume it as an iced tea.

The Best Way To Make Mushroom Tea

This can be done by refrigerating the brewed tea for around 2 to 3 hours. Let’s check the way in which Chaga mushroom tea can be made, which can be done with great ease in your kitchen!

First things first, let’s check out the ingredients listed below:

Chaga Tea Preparation Method

In order to make the Chaga Mushroom tea, you can try the following steps:

Now, it’s time now to serve and enjoy the tea.

Reishi Mushroom Tea

Reishi Mushroom or Lingzhi Mushrooms are popular types of mushrooms, which are known for their antioxidant richness, along with having WBC (white blood cell) boosting features. It is popular for features like the earthy tastes along with bitter zest. This tea is often consumed with a few marjoram leaves and dried flowers like peppermint, chamomile, and rosemary to name a few, along with almond milk and sweetener.

Before you read the preparation steps, check out the ingredients below:

Reishi Tea Preparation

The following steps can help you prepare some delicious Reishi mushroom tea:

Now, serve and enjoy!

Types of Mushrooms

Mushrooms come in many different types, and so do the teas. Find out some of the most common types of mushroom below:

Chaga – This kind of mushroom grows on trees, like the birch in northern climates. These are called clinker polypore, and the changa looks like clumps of dirt or burnt charcoal with a few orange areas.

These mushrooms are often used as a folk solution to health issues in Northern Europe.

Lion’s mane – The next is Lion’s mane, which is round and fluffy like its namesake, having a white or golden color. These are often used like a food and medicine for a wide range of ailments in Asian nations like India, Korea and China.

Reishi – This mushroom is seen growing on various decaying trees and wood. At the same time, it is also called the lingzhi mushroom. These can be found in different colors, with red being the most common. These mushrooms are more popular in Japan and China. They are used to treat issues like high blood pressure, fighting cancer, and arthritis.

Health Benefits of Mushroom Tea

There are several benefits of mushroom tea, which is the key reason why this tea is consumed for centuries as a traditional medicine. Let’s check out some of the key benefits of these teas below:

  1. Chaga Mushroom: This tea helps in boosting up the immune system and has the potential of even destroying the cancer cells. It gives the purported mental boost along with adding several sugar reducing effects. The tea from Chaga mushroom can be known for its effectiveness and safety.
  2. Lion’s Mane Mushroom Tea: The Lion’s mane is beneficial in many ways. These include helping in getting good brain health as many studies support the claim of preventing the damage to neurons, which are caused by beta amyloid plaques, which are often seen in Alzheimer’s disease.
  3. Reishi Mushroom Tea – There are several studies when it comes to health benefits, giving several mixed results. There are several research studies that suggest that this tea can help in reducing the cholesterol, blood sugar, along with even helping in treating cancer patients.

It’s also suggested that cancer patients getting treatment like chemotherapy or radiation can have their pain reduced after drinking mushroom tea. Most of the time, people do not face any side effects, while others can face issues like nausea and insomnia.

There are several other health benefits one can reap with drinking mushroom tea in general, which include the following:

In this way, you have several health benefits to reap as far as consuming different types of mushroom tea is concerned.

The Best Way To Make Mushroom Tea

Risks Associated With Mushroom Tea

Most mushrooms used for making tea, being natural ingredients, are not often harmful. However, one can find some issues with them. For instance, the chaga mushroom is rich in oxalates and compounds, which can reduce the capacity of nutrient absorption.

This could damage your kidneys to some extent, but only if taken in excessive amounts. If you are consuming any supplement, herbs, or on a medication, it can hamper their effects by interacting with them. It is recommended to discuss with your doctor and then consume the mushroom tea when you take an herb or supplement.


Today, we find tea fanatics making tea from just about anything, which certainly include the different types of mushrooms. Different types of mushrooms have different flavors and health benefits.

If you want to know the best way to make mushroom tea, use some of the methods above to make some delicious and healthy beverages.

Enjoy one and all!

Eve Simmons