Best morel Mushroom Growing Kit

Best morel Mushroom Growing Kit – A Top 5 Review

At a point in my life, I needed to change my diet. I wanted to cut down certain things and introduce new food items to stay healthy. Coincidentally, I stumbled on the health benefits of mushrooms and their distinctive flavor. This led me to search for morel mushroom growing kits.

Did you know that mushrooms are low-calorie foods that contain many vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants? They are a natural source of nutritional supplements. As soon as I read this, I ordered a pizza with mushroom toppings, haha!

There are different types of mushrooms, such as the pink oyster mushroom, magic mushrooms, blue oyster mushrooms, Cremini mushrooms, or the Reishi mushroom, but the one that caught my attention was the morel mushroom.

What are Morel Mushrooms? 

Morel mushrooms are wild edible mushrooms that are highly coveted and beautiful to behold. These gourmet mushrooms are very rare and have a nice savory flavor. They also have a nutty, earthy taste along with a meaty texture, so they can easily replace animal protein in your meal. So for all you to-be vegetarians and vegans out there, this is the perfect Christmas gift.

Morels have brown, spongy, honeycomb-patterned conical caps and a long hollow light-colored stem that is completely attached to the cap. Wow, so many hyphenated words I do not think you will understand, so here’s a picture:

There are different types, such as black, brown, and yellow. They grow in fertile, organic, moist, and sandy soil to about 6 inches in height. They are not easy to find so it is a good idea to try and grow them yourself. First you need to find the best morel mushroom growing kit. More on which ones are best in a moment.

Medicinal Properties of Morel Mushrooms

morels have medicinal properties such as:

  • Good source of vitamin D
  • Protect against drug side effects
  • Protect the liver
  • Produce antioxidants in the body
  • Increase immunity

How To Get Morel Mushroom

Store-bought mushrooms (especially a rich variety such as morel mushrooms) can be expensive. A cheaper alternative would be to hunt for them in the wild yourself. 

Read the following line before you grab your coat!

This could pose a problem as the morel mushroom have poisonous look-alikes, also known as false morels. You can end up making the deadly mistake of picking the toxic ones. Surprisingly, this sounds so apt for life partners as well!

The best way to get this beautiful mushroom is to grow it in your garden or backyard using a growing kit. So, if you’re like me that wants a cheaper and safer method of getting morel mushrooms, below are the best morel mushroom growing kits money can buy that’s guaranteed to give you large pounds of mushrooms. 

Best Morel Mushroom Growing Kit

Best Overall: Morel Mushroom Spore Growing Kit

Runner-up: Morel Habitat Kit

Best For Large Areas: Large Kit Morel Mushroom Spores

Best Alternative For Large Areas: Morel Mushroom Spores In Sawdust Seed Spore

Best Budget-Friendly: Morel Mushroom Spores In Sawdust (Red Supply Solution)

1. Best Overall: Morel Mushroom Spore Growing Kit 

They say patience is a virtue, but I say you’ve never tried the morel mushroom spore growing kit! Fast results and delicious mushrooms are a rare combo, so grab it while you can. This worked alright for a novice like me. If I can do it, anyone can. 

You can quickly grow morel in your home thanks to the step-by-step growing instructions included with the kit. If you mess up on the first try, don’t worry. The kit comes with 3 packs of morel spores so that you can try and try again. 

The product also has a 100% no-risk money-back guarantee. You have nothing to lose, so you might as well give it a shot. This kit is also 100% vegan and devoid of animal cruelty. 

The morel packs come as a mix of 6 varieties – yellow, black, white, burn site, blushing, and autumn. And guess what? If you want doubles or triples of a particular variety, all you have to do is ask.


  • No experience needed
  • No questions asked, full refund policy
  • 6 morel mushroom varieties
  • Can be planted any time of the year 
  • 100% vegan
  • Beginner-friendly


  • Users complain that in the name of “step-by-step instructions”, all you get inside the package is a referral to the website

2. Runner-up: Morel Habitat Kit 

The morels in this mushroom kit don’t come as a spore seed or in a liquid mycelium that needs perfect conditions to grow. So even if the environment is as unsuitable as your gardening skills, you can still enjoy your mushrooms! 

This morel kit contains living morel fungus in a 22oz block of morel mushroom spawn mycelium used for growth. This means that you can count on this kit to grow morel. The company even backs this claim.

A garden area of about 4-5 sqft to 10sqft is all you need to get pounds of morel mushroom. The morels are of golden brown color and can be planted anytime provided the soil to be used can be turned with a shovel. 

In simple terms, regardless of the season (be it spring, summer, autumn, or winter (in areas with mild climate), you can go ahead and plant once your soil is loose.

You can also decide not to plant your spore immediately. Just plant half and keep the rest. Don’t be in a rush – this kit can last for up to six months before use. The packaging, on the other hand, lasts longer. It’s biodegradable and can be recycled, unlike plastic waste.

By following the detailed instructions that come with the spore kit, you can get quick results. Here’s a pro tip: ensure you plant the spores in partially shaded and slightly moist soil. 

The morel Habitat Kit can be a bummer if you need variety. The Spore Growing Kit had 6 options, whereas this kit only has one!


  • Not season-specific
  • Lasts six months before use
  • Each batch is tested
  • Easy-to-follow instructional guide
  • Biodegradable package


  • Only one type of morel 

3. Best for Large Areas Large Kit Morel Mushroom Spores

If you have a large growing space, then the Large Kit Morel Mushroom Spores is best for you. This kit contains about 200 grams of fresh true morel spores in sawdust, which acts as a substrate for the crop to grow. 

You can quickly grow these wild mushrooms in your envious large backyard garden any time of the year. A unique feature of this kit is that its spawn is pre-inoculated with fresh morel mushroom spores, which pretty much guarantees germination.

Like the previous ones, the detailed instruction manual included in this kit is easy to follow and will guide you in planting the spores correctly.

According to a verified Amazon user, “If you are using tap water, you will first have to boil it and let it cool to room temperature. The chlorine in tap water will kill the spores.”

The kit also contains different varieties of morels, such as the yellow and white morel. Soak the spores overnight in approximately 5 gallons of water then it’ll be ready for the planting location.


  • Plant at any time of the year
  • Every pack contains easy-to-follow instructions. 
  • Suitable for a large planting area
  • morel spores are fresh
  • More than one type of morel


  • No refund policy
  • Some users do not get the instructions manual in the package

4. Best Alternative for Large Areas: Morel Mushroom Spores In Sawdust Seed Spore

If you want an alternative kit for large areas, then this is a good choice. This mushroom kit comes with 5 bags of spores, so you have enough to plant in multiple areas. The spores are also in sawdust, just like the Large Kit Morel Mushroom Spores.

To use the kit, take one bag of spores and put it in a 5-gallon bucket. Next, fill the bucket up to the brim with water, and allow it to sit for 24hrs. Then pour the soaked spores in the planting area. 

The kit’s instruction manual explains the complete planting procedure. If you’re someone who needs things quickly, this kit isn’t for you. You need to invest at least 2 seasons’ worth of time before seeing any sort of results.

You get the white and yellow morel in this kit, so variety is guaranteed as well.


  • 5 bags of spores
  • Large area planting
  • Easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions
  • Up to two morel mushroom types


  • No refund policy
  • Doesn’t show results immediately

5. Best Budget-Friendly – Morel Mushroom Spores In Sawdust (Red Supply Solution)

It’s ok to be on a tight budget. This easy to plant kit by red supply solution is an affordable and good option for saving a little money in your pockets. 

The spores also come in sawdust, and the morel mushroom spores come in a 40-gram sawdust bag.

With this kit, you can expect the spores to grow from spring to summer, offering year-round planting. All you need to do is prep the spore by mixing with 5 gallons of rainwater and let it soak overnight. 

Next, prepare your area for planting. Make sure that your soil is loamy before pouring soaked spores over it. 

This kit contains fresh mushroom spores and is suitable for a 4×4 planting ground. Like the morel Habitat Kit, this kit includes only one type of morel – the yellow morel mushroom spores.


  • Easy to plant
  • Spores can be planted all year round
  • Budget-friendly
  • Good packaging
  • Fast delivery


  • Only one type of morel
  • Limited number of spores
  • Not suitable for tropical environments

Five Must-Haves To Grow A Healthy morel


Light is paramount for morel growth. Have you ever noticed that morels grow around elm trees, ash and alder? This means that the light that gets to the spore is filtered light.

The sunlight is needed to warm the soil. When planting, ensure the morel spores are shaded while still receiving adequate sunlight to heat the ground.


morels grow around dead, decaying, and burned trees that create a loamy soil that is perfect for it. 

But how can you make the soil loamy? When planting your morels, ensure to add wood ash, wood chips, and plenty of decaying wood from ash, elm, or oak trees. Alternatively, you can grow the morels around a tree stump.


morels love moisture, and it is essential for their growth. However, you want to be careful not to over-water your morels. Otherwise, you may spoil the whole production. Strictly follow the instructions for watering your mushroom garden.

All you need is a damp patch. You can water your spores every week using a spray bottle. Rainwater is always a preferred option instead of tap water as it gives better results.

Temperature and humidity

The environmental conditions affect how much your kit yields. Cool, moist weather is the best temperature for morels to grow, which is why you’ll typically see morels sprouting in the spring. The best temperature range is 50F to 70F.

Note: morels cannot grow in a climate that doesn’t have a definite transition from winter to spring.


Fertilizers are a significant growth medium. Always use wood ash, leaf mold, and compost manure to fertilize the soil where the morel is planted.

Be prepared when you grow your bounty with a good mushroom knife and the best mushroom dehydrator.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Morel Growing Kits

1. Can positive results always be guaranteed? 

Due to the different conditions morels grow in, a 100% positive guarantee cannot be given. However, if you follow the complete instructions in the packaging, your chances of a great harvest increase significantly.

2. Is there a specific place where the spores should be planted?

The best place to plant a spore is a 4X4 feet sized area under the shade of a tree. morel mushrooms grow better (both in number and quality) when planted around a tree, especially ash and elm trees.

3. What type of water should I use?

The best type of water is rainwater. You should not use tap water because the chlorine in the water can kill the spores. If you have access to only tap water, you can boil it first then let it cool down to room temperature before use.

4. Can I grow more mushrooms indoors?

Yes, you can give indoor growing a shot, but you need to ensure you have suitable soil and lighting. It’s quite tough to grow mushrooms indoors, so you should stick to outdoor growing unless you’re an expert.

5. Will the morels continue to grow back every year?

Yes! The morels are perennial crops. Once they sprout, they keep producing large quantities for many years to come. 

6. How do I harvest my morel mushrooms?

This is a super easy process. Use a sharp knife to cut them off at ground level. Note that the older morel mushrooms tend to have a woody stem, so only cut their cap off.


Any of the kits above you choose is sure to produce favorable results. However, you need to know that although the morel mushroom is a fast colonizer, it may take up to a year or two before you see any mushroom sprouting.

You have to be very patient and not get discouraged. Just ensure to keep the area moist and fertilized. Once the morels sprout, you will continue to have a personal supply of delicious mushrooms for many years.

We hope that the above reviews and buying guide will help you zero in on the best morel mushroom growing kit for your needs! If you’re on the hunt for more similar products, check out our website where we have tons of mushroom tips for you!