The 5 Best Mushroom Popcorn Kernels in 2021

The 5 Best Mushroom Popcorn Kernels in 2021

For those looking for healthy snacks to munch on, we bring you the most nutritious option that, once on the lips, will never be on your hips! Who can deny large popcorn kernels or the best popcorn kernels.

These delicious ready-to-pop mushroom popcorn kernels are your best companions while watching a movie, lounging on the sofa, or for the hunger pangs that strike at odd hours.

The Best Mushroom Popcorn Kernels Available

To save you from the overwhelming options on the market, below are some of the best mushroom popcorn kernels. These have passed the test of both quality and taste before making it to our list of the best picks!

1. Amish Country Popcorn, Mushroom Popcorn Kernels

This organic popcorn gives you the taste of homegrown cornfields of America. It has 13 varieties of popcorn that serves all tastes and preferences so that no one is left out. The natural Amish Country Popcorn is free of preservatives and additives.

You can choose your seasonings from the range of toppings that Amish Country popcorn offers. Whether it is butter salt or caramel glaze, you get it all with the Amish Country popcorn. The thirteen varieties of popcorn come in bags of all sizes so that whether you are lounging all alone or arranging a party, you get the right size and quantity of popcorn.

The unpopped popcorns do not have a salt or preservatives coating that can cause you health issues. These are non-GMO and gluten-free, making them safe and healthy to eat. You can prepare a delicious batch of popcorn using Amish popcorn kernels and oils that can be complemented with the equally delicious toppings that Amish offers.


  • Organic and gluten-free popcorn
  • You can put in butter or coconut oil to enhance the flavor
  • Sealed packaging preserves the taste


  • Relatively small kernels


2. Mushroom Popcorn Kernels by Princeton Popcorn

The all-natural ready-to-pop popcorn by Princeton popcorn will make you pop with joy! The farm-fresh popcorn is grown without the use of preservatives or additives that can weaken your immune system or cause allergies. The popcorn is delicious, healthy, and wholesome.

The uniquely round, mushroom-shaped popcorn requires an air popper, stovetop, or hot oil to attain and enhance the shape these popcorns have. Each giant-size popcorn will unleash a flood of flavors in your mouth every time.

You can use various toppings for coating the popcorn that will soak in all the flavors resulting in a scrumptious end product that will be a treat to eat. The farm-grown mushroom kernels are non-GMO and do not use fructose syrup to interfere with the corn’s natural taste.


  • Light and fluffy
  • No preservatives or use of fructose syrup
  • Soaks up flavors


  • The kernels take time to pop


3. Amish Country Popcorn | 25 lb Bag | Mushroom Popcorn Kernels

This low calorie gourmet popcorn comes from the heart of Amish country to give your taste buds a jolt with the best popcorn kernels! With a low calorie count combined with the immense health benefits of mushrooms, these popcorn kernels are among the healthiest popcorn choices on the market.

These mushroom popcorn kernels come with 15 different popcorn recipes so that you can try out a new one every time with your friends or family. You will also be spared the hectic task of searching out recipes as the included recipe book offers you a deliciously simple solution.

Fortunately for all those who are allergic to peanuts or tree nuts, the popcorn is free of both so that you can enjoy the popcorn kernels while you try out the various recipes. These are non-GMO and gluten-free popcorn that is both tasty and healthy!


  • Comes with 15 different recipes
  • Low calorie gluten-free
  • No additives or preservatives


  • A bit chewy


4. Mushroom Popcorn Kernels (15 lb), Gourmet Popcorn

The Gourmet popcorn treats come in eco-friendly packaging that does well to the environment in addition to preserving the crunchiness and freshness of the popcorn. With the high fiber content in the popcorn, your digestive system will strengthen and function properly.

These popcorns pop into large, round shapes so that you bite into delicious flavors every time. The caramel-flavored corns are also high in protein and can be used to increase protein intake. Your movie time can be made more exciting with the gourmet popcorn kernels.

If you are counting calories, you can be relieved knowing the popcorn is gluten-free and vegan so that even your munching time is healthy and fat-free. From quality to cost-efficiency, the kernel popcorn ticks every box to offer the consumers taste, health, and supreme quality.


  • Healthy and fat-free
  • High in fiber and protein
  • Easy to store


  • Delicate packaging


5. TableTop King 50 lb. Extra Large Mushroom Popcorn Kernels

The Table Top mushroom kernels give you something different to kick up your life. Pop them into the mushroom roundness and taste the exquisite flavors of mushroom and toppings burst into your mouth. These pop into large, fluffy rounds that retain their tenderness and taste.

You can store the large popcorn kernels in a sealed container so that they do not lose their moisture and taste. The scrumptious batches of this addictive popcorn are light on your body and great in taste. You can relish the exquisite taste and benefit from the health benefits that the popcorn offer.

You can indulge in your cravings guilt-free as the popcorn is fat-free. Their high protein and fiber content make them even more beneficial for your health as both help your body grow strong and resilient. With proper storage, the popcorn will remain fresh for long.


  • Fluffy and tender
  • Light and greater taste
  • High protein and fiber


  • Need proper storage


Buying Guide for the Best Mushroom Popcorn Kernels

To help you settle for nothing but the best, this guide will help you choose the right mushroom popcorn kernels that are true to both taste and quality. You have to make sure that your popcorn kernel bag is flavorful and safe.

Type and Shape of Popcorn

There are two types of popcorn shapes that you will come across, butterfly and mushroom. With the yellow color, the winged butterfly popcorns do not have a consistent texture. Compared to the butterfly popcorn, the mushroom ones have a perfectly round shape that can be coated miraculously with your favorite toppings. These are less fragile, which makes them ideal for decorative purposes.

Hulless or Virtually Hulless

The hull is the external shell of the popcorn that, when stuck between your teeth, can be quite irritating. For those who want to avoid the sticky problem, there is a much-touted phrase – “virtually hulless” – that prevents the hull sticking issue to some extent.

These popcorn kernels are small and white and can be chewed easily without the need of moving around a toothpick.

Quality and Freshness

Quality and freshness cannot be compromised. No one would want to chat or watch movies while forcing down soggy and tasteless popcorn. Therefore, you may have to make sure that the popcorn is harvested from the best fields, using the safest techniques, and later stored in properly sealed storage cans to ensure that the popcorn retains its freshness, taste, and snappiness.

Easy Preparation

Ease of preparation is another factor that is essential, as no one would want to spend an hour hoping that the corn will pop before they could hang out with friends or watch a movie.

Especially when you are looking for a convenient snack, so much effort is the last thing one wants. For your convenience, you can choose popcorn that can be quickly prepared in an air popper instead of a stovetop to save yourself time.

Organic and Non-GMO

Health-conscious or not, make sure you pick the organic and non-GMO popcorn to make your snack times healthy. It will help you avoid any unwanted fat so that all you get is protein, fiber, and other elements that work for the safety and benefit of your body. You are better able to control your weight and fun times with organic and non-GMO products.


There are other factors such as your taste preferences that come into play that you can check or read on the packet before purchasing any of the large popcorn kernels. These determinants will put you on the right path for your search for the best mushroom popcorn kernels.


If you are new to the healthy mushroom popcorn realm, the above guide will give you enough insight to make a wise choice for your body. The mushroom popcorn kernels are tasty and full of elements that are flavorful and nutritious for your body.

The above picks are some of the best popcorn kernels on the market that we’ve tested and researched just for you. In case you want to explore your options, you can use the above guide to find mushroom popcorn that suits your taste and preference.

Happy popping!