The 5 Best Mushroom Seasoning Options to Spice Up Your Dishes

The 5 Best Mushroom Seasoning Options to Spice Up Your Dishes

Explore the realm of the much-touted fifth taste – umami – with mushroom seasonings that turn even the simplest of meals into mouth-watering delicacies.

The umami taste comes from glutamate, guanylate, and inosinate that mushroom seasoning is rich in.

In this article, you will be introduced to some of the best mushroom seasonings that will give your meals an umami taste, along with offering you a host of health benefits.

The Best Mushroom Seasonings

Let’s make your mushroom seasoning shopping less stressful with the 5 best mushroom seasoning options that, along with enhancing the flavor of your dishes, open the gates of many health benefits for you!

1. Takii Umami Powder, Magic Shiitake Mushroom Seasoning

Jazz up your meals with Takii Umami powder that, in addition to the numerous health benefits, gives your food a flavor boost. The genuine shiitake mushrooms give the powder its distinct taste and will make your food an instant hit! Whether it is soup, sauces, grilled chicken, or a burger, you can sprinkle this goodness to savor every bite you take.

The fine blend of the Takii Umami Powder bolsters the texture and flavor of the food you use it in. The sugar and fat-free Umami powder is a healthy addition to your kitchen that improves your digestive system and reduces your cholesterol level.

The high-end Umami seasoning is made from Shiitake mushroom that is a potent medicinal mushroom with bioactive compounds. It has the ability to strengthen your immune system and improve cardiovascular health.


  • It has a longer shelf life
  • Non-GMO product
  • Even a small quantity of powder enhances taste significantly
  • Comes in multiple bag sizes


  • A bit pricey
  • No scoop in the bag


2. All-Natural Vegetarian Mushroom Seasoning

This All-natural Vegetarian mushroom seasoning makes all your food tastier with the exceptional blend of mushroom extracts, salt, calcium, and vitamins. You can sprinkle the PO LO KU seasoning to balance your food with the uniquely tangy, bitter, and sweet taste that it adds. All-natural Vegetarian mushroom seasoning aptly enhances the taste of all the dishes, making them taste even better.

Packed with all the health benefits that the mushrooms offer, the All-natural Vegetarian mushroom seasoning has lower sodium content. It thus makes the seasonings more beneficial for your health as higher sodium levels can cause high blood pressure and other health issues.

All-natural seasoning is a purely natural product that has no additives or preservatives added to it. With 0 cholesterol level, the fat-free seasoning can be used in any meal or even sauces without having to use any additional spices. It is an excellent marinating ingredient that will give meat a rich flavor that hits all the right notes.


  • No preservatives used
  • Comes with a soup spoon
  • Excellent taste


  • Some people might find the taste overly subtle


3. Vegetables Mushroom Seasoning – 500 g (17.63 oz)

Mushroom seasonings are magical grinds that notch up the taste of even the simplest of dishes. Their peculiar, yet uniquely amazing, taste makes your food taste yummier. The vegetable mushroom seasoning by Veggie Taste is another of the laudable mushroom seasonings on the market that unlocks all the deliciousness to make your meal times tastier and healthier.

The 100% vegetarian mushroom seasoning is a blend of all-natural ingredients that amplify the health benefits along with giving your taste buds an adventurous ride. The fresh extract from natural ingredients helps in boosting your cognitive function and mental health.

Veggie Taste mushroom seasoning gives your food the essential kick to make your mealtimes more exciting. Notch up the taste of all your favorite dishes using this secret ingredient that will win you a fan base and provide you with immense health benefits. You will get to eat a restaurant-worthy meal at every dinner!


  • Natural ingredients
  • No preservatives
  • Balances the taste


  • Costly compared to other brands
  • Sodium level higher than others


4. Orgnisulmte Dried Porcini Mushrooms Whole All Natural Authentic Gourmet

Plucked from the wild forests of France, the Orgnisulmte Dried Porcini Mushrooms seasonings boasts of exceptional flavor. The wafting aroma of the delicacies made using the Porcini mushroom seasonings is owed to the use of the ingredients that come from natural settings.

The low calorie and high nutrient content boosts your immune health, making it function at an optimal level. The antioxidant properties of the mushroom seasonings fight the free radical damage that causes inflammation in your body. Some people use mushrooms for medicinal purposes. With the seasonings, you will get to enjoy the medicinal benefit of mushrooms in a more delicious manner.

It can be used for a variety of dishes from soup, gravy, and meat to sauces and other savory items that gain a great texture and tantalizing smell with the seasoning. Thus, the versatile seasoning can be used for a variety of dishes and ensure that your body mechanisms run smoothly. You can even use it for making detox drinks and smoothies that will provide your body with a renewed strength by removing toxins.


  • Easy to store
  • Excellent flavor and aroma
  • High-quality mushrooms


  • The smell can be a bit too strong


5. Salt-Free Umami Powder, Magic Shiitake Mushroom Seasoning

The salt-free magic Shiitake mushroom seasoning unlocks the fifth flavor, Umami, allowing you the chance to relish all five tastes of salty, sweet, bitter, tangy, and Umami. Give your taste buds a surprise with a sprinkling of this magic ingredient on all your cooked food and sauces to make them finger-licking good!

Adding to mushrooms many advantages is the absence of gluten, MSG, and lower salt content that benefits your body by making it stronger and more resilient. The anti-cancerous properties of mushrooms prevent the build-up of cancerous properties so you can live a healthy life.

The Umami powder is a brilliant concoction of dried Shiitake mushrooms, garlic, black pepper, orange peel, lemon zest, parsley, and onions that together bring out a unique flavor to kick up the taste of your food. These ingredients together hit all the right notes so you can relish every dish that you make!


  • Sealed container preserves the taste
  • Enhances the flavor
  • Gluten-free


  • A pungent smell


Best Mushroom Seasonings Buying Guide

Given the plethora of health benefits that mushrooms offer the human body, it is not surprising to find them in abundance on the market. Here, we will help you choose the right mushroom seasonings that will bring out the right flavor intensities in your cooked dishes.

Types of Mushroom Seasonings

Each type of mushroom has its unique and distinct taste. Any seasoning you will choose is affected by the kind of mushroom used for the making of the powder. Some mushrooms, such as the Porcini, have a strong flavor compared to others. However, it is rare and difficult to grow.

Mushrooms are known for the umami taste. There are two types of mushroom seasonings that you must know about before you purchase any.

Mushroom Seasoning With Complementary Spices

Some of the mushroom seasonings are accompanied by extra spices to boost the flavors. Such seasonings are ideal for use in savory dishes. This even makes a few of them a bit spicy due to the presence of black pepper, red pepper, smoked paprika, and other herbs. These mushroom seasonings are used for marinating meat items or preparing soups and sauces as they have a strong umami taste.

Other Mushroom Seasonings

Compared to the spicy seasonings, these are more subtle and have a mild flavor. Although they deliver the umami taste, they don’t have the extra spiciness that comes with those containing extra herbs. Among the most popular seasonings are Porcini and shiitake.

Benefits of Mushroom Seasonings

Mushrooms are loaded with elements that boost your body mechanisms and functions. The culinary mushroom powders or seasonings are spiced with the addition of other elements to notch up the flavors. However, apart from making all food items extremely delicious, these seasonings offer you a host of advantages that includes:

Balancing The Immune System

The beta-glucans in the mushrooms act as supporting tools for your immune system so that it functions optimally.

Boost Energy Level

Mushrooms improve the oxygen uptake along with enhancing the blood flow to provide your body with energy.

Supports Brain Activity

The mushroom seasonings comprise natural mushroom extracts that stimulate nerve growth and myelin that are essential for improved brain activity and health.

The benefits of mushrooms are uncountable. You can use the seasonings as a treat for both your taste buds and body mechanisms.

Wrap Up

We need food to survive, but there’s no need to eat bland food for the sake of survival. You can make anything you eat more flavorful and delicious with the addition of simple spices to actually love what you eat.

The mushroom seasoning options in this guide will help you unlock a savory taste and devour your dishes with more eagerness. Whether scrambled eggs or grilled chicken, you can sprinkle the magic ingredient on anything you like to make it tastier and healthier!

Happy cooking!